More cops on the beat in East End crime hotspots

MORE cops are being put on patrol in one of the East End’s crime hotspots this month after it was noticed that offences rose in February last year.

The Weavers, Whitechapel, Bethnal Green South, Mile End and Globe Town wards reported more crimes in the same period in 2010 than was deemed average for that time of year.

Tower Hamlets Police have responded by increasing police presence between Monday February 7 and Sunday 20.

Officers, PCSOs and special constables are having shift times changed, with patrols ending at midnight, 2am and 4am.

Chiefs have described the resources being used on the project as “considerable”.

Ch Insp David Grainger said: “This is about making sure we have the resources available for instant deployment when and where they are needed.”

Tower Hamlets Council is also deploying enforcement officers and market inspectors.

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The results of the operation will be published in April.