Mother and sister remember Isle of Dogs knife victim ten years on

For the family of Jacey Charles, brutally stabbed to death outside an Isle of Dogs club, very little has become easier in the 10 years since his killing.

His mum Tina Hewitt, 52, and sister Richelle Lawson, 36, will tomorrow mark the 10th anniversary of the IT consultant’s death, which followed an attack by the now-closed Drummonds nightspot in Marsh Wall.

The pair are still hanging onto the hope that the 23-year-old’s killers can be found.

Recalling the moment she heard her son had been stabbed, Ms Hewitt, from Wapping, said: “I felt like I’d fallen out of the sky with nothing to hold onto. Life became like a nightmare.”

Ms Lawson, from Bow, said: “As much as they say time is a healer, it lingers.

“I try to progress in my life, but it holds me back.”

Mr Charles was the victim of an argument that turned violent when four men approached him outside the club.

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He died on the morning of June 9, 2001 at the Royal London Hospital.

In the following weeks, police spoke to 75 per cent of clubbers who were at the venue on the night of the murder. Four men were arrested but later released without charge.

Mr Charles’ family believe some witnesses have vital information that has not been shared with the police.

Ms Lawson said: “People were definitely intimidated and didn’t want to come forward.”

Ms Hewitt added: “Maybe some people have gained a conscience and will now be brave enough.”

The pair, who have constructed a memorial to their loved one in Ms Hewitt’s garden, paid tribute to a young man who “had a lot of love”.

His sister said: “He was never a guy to be in trouble, he didn’t have enemies and he was very well-loved. We were so close, he was my best friend.”

Anyone with information call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.