New police website which allows Tower Hamlets public to track crime proves popular

The launch of a new police website which lets anyone in Tower Hamlets see what crime has happened in their street or neighbourhood is proving popular.

The website received 18 million hits per hour across the country when it was launched by the Home Office on Tuesday as part of the Government’s wider transparency agenda.

The high interest levels meant the website, which is intended to make crime and anti-social behaviour statistics more available to the public, crashed and many were unable to gain access.

It allows people to track, on their home computers or mobile phones, recorded crime on their streets through a simple postcode search.

Six categories of crime are displayed: burglary, robbery, vehicle crime, violent crime and other crime (criminal damage, shoplifting and drug offences for example).

Crimes and anti-social behaviour are mapped to an anonymous point on or near the road where they occurred.

A look at Tower Hamlets statistics shows variations across the borough.

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Taking Bethnal Green underground station as a starting point, the website, currently displaying the stats for December 2010, shows there were 2004 instances of crime or anti-social behaviour within a one-mile radius.

Zooming in on Brick Lane and Commercial Street reveals 271 instances – there were 22 examples of anti-social behaviour on or near Princelet Street which intersects Brick Lane for example.

Switching the focus further east reveals a drop in the total figures.

By taking Chrisp Street in Poplar as the central point, you find 802 reports of crime or anti-social behaviour.

Narrowing the search displays three violent crimes, three burglaries and two instances of anti-social behaviour on or near Fortrose Close.

The Home Office says the website will help people engage with the police in a meaningful way.

It also includes information and advice on crime protection.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: “We want people to be able to see what crime is happening on their street and to be able to tell their local police if they have concerns, and challenge them about how issues are being dealt with.”

Does the website reflect your feelings about your street?

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