One-stop help for domestic violence victims in Tower Hamlets

Victims of domestic abuse can now visit a one-stop shop in Tower Hamlets to get help when dealing with a violent partner.

The borough’s police and council will launch the initiative at the Jagonari Centre in Whitechapel Road on Monday.

It is designed to help victims and vulnerable adults who currently have to visit a number of different agencies when trying to remove themselves from a violent home.

Representatives of the police’s community safety unit, the council’s domestic violence and housing departments, Victim Support, Aanchal Asian Women’s Aid, Tower Hamlets Asian Women’s Aid and local solicitors will offer their services.

Det Sgt Vicky Tunstall said victims can be reluctant to visit a police station.

She said: “It will give the community access to different agencies without the need to attend a police station.

“Having an officer from the Community Safety Unit present will give the visitor the option of reporting crimes to the police and if they do not want police intervention, they are able to get advice from other agencies.”

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The one-stop shop will be open every Monday from 9.30am to 12.30pm.