Police are investigating election fraud allegations in Tower Hamlets

Police have announced that they are launching an investigation into electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets

It comes after six Tower Hamlets Labour councillors raised concerns about fraudulent registration of voters in the borough. The commission then passed the allegations on to Scotland Yard.

The councillors said they had evidence of offences linked to a recent by-election in Spitalfields and Banglatown and warned of further fraud as residents go to the poll for the London Mayoral election on Thursday and at the Weavers by-election to be held on the same day.

In a statement Scotland Yard said: “The MPS received an allegation from the Electoral Commission relating to potential fraudulent registration of voters in Tower Hamlets.

“We are currently investigating this allegation plus a further allegation of offences linked to a recent by-election in Tower Hamlets received on Saturday 28 April. If there is sufficient evidence, a prosecution will be mounted.”

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“We would encourage anyone with information regarding suspected electoral fraud or irregularities to report concerns to their local police or local authority.”

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