Police arrest 14 in Brick Lane drugs and violence crackdown

Arrests were made in Brick Lane on Friday night as police were joined by specialist Met officers for a late-night drugs and violence crackdown.

The team carried out more than 100 stop and searches, which they said were intelligence-based, and also had arches in various spots to swipe partygoers for knives and guns.

Acting borough commander Robert Revill said the operation was about having a strong presence.

He said robbery hotspots, areas where there is prolific street drinking and spots known for violence are being targeted.

His officers were joined by more from the Territorial Support Group – the team which took to the streets during the London riots and often accompanies forces on major raids.

Of the 14 arrest, 11 were for possession of drugs, one for theft and one offence of drunk driving.

Another man was charged for possession of an offensive weapon.

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Police were in the area from early evening until about 2am.