Police arrest 3 in ‘illegal waste dumping’ raid in East End

Three people have been arrested in a raid by police and the Environment Agency on suspected illegal waste operators in London’s East End.

The raid at Bromley-by-Bow follows an under-cover operation where the authorities suspected illegal waste dumping has been going on at St Leonard’s Wharf after an extensive under-cover operation.

A team of 27 agency officials went in, after 14 police officers blocked all exit and entry points to the site which includes 10 industrial units.

The raid came after intelligence-gathering involving the police and Tower Hamlets council which suggested “activities that may harm the environment.”

An agency official told the East London Advertiser: “There are no relevant permits in place, which means activities are unregulated with no obligation to prevent pollution.”

Officers are said to have found dumped tyres, dismantled cars, fridges and freezers. They also came across “hazardous oils, batteries and pools of liquid, as well as demolition, household and commercial waste including rotting foodstuffs.”

The agency’s Owen Bolton, who led the operation, said: “This is one of several hotspots of suspected illegal waste activity in London that we plan to tackle over the coming months.

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“Our investigations show some of the waste on the site is sent to Africa. Exporting waste is a serious offence that can lead to harming the environment and people in other countries.

“We are determined to stop this trade that affects people’s lives and undermines legitimate businesses all over the world.”

No charges have been made so far, the agency said today. Two other operators on the site were interviewed under caution during Tuesday’s raid.