Police raid on suspected cannabis factory in Bromley by Bow

Police acting on a tip-off smashed their way into a suspected cannabis factory in Bromley by Bow yesterday afternoon (Monday).

Borough Commander Ch Supt Dave Stringer said: “[Officers] got information relating to the production of cannabis, quickly went round to the address and seized what we think are about 600 cannabis plants, arresting two people at the scene.”

He praised the operation, adding it targeted “those people who haven’t yet learnt that we take a hard line against the supply of drugs in our community”.

A Tower Hamlets Police spokesman told the Advertiser two floors of the house in Uamvar Street are believed to have been converted into a cannabis cultivation area, with sophisticated hydroponic, irrigation and ventilation systems.

Enquires led to another address being searched in Arbour Square, Stepney, where items suspected to be used in connection with the cultivation of cannabis were also seized.

The operation was carried out by officers from the joint Partnership Task Force, a special unit partly funded by Tower Hamlets Council to improve community safety.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman also attended the raid to learn more about drugs crime.

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He said: “It was good to see our joint work with the police in action. Tackling crime and working to ensure residents feel safe in the areas where they live is a priority for me. Our work with the Police through our joint Partnership Task Force has resulted in nearly 700 arrests, 5,500 stop and searches and over 600 sanctioned detections since it was set up last year. This kind of action is reminder to residents that crime won’t be tolerated in our borough.”

• Two men, aged 29 and 40, were arrested and taken to an east London police station, where they remain in custody pending bail after the results of a forensic examination.