Police siege ends in Bow as man is tasered by police

A police siege situation in Bow has come to an end after a man was tasered by police.

Officers attended a property in Jodrell Road at 7am this morning to assist in carrying out a mental health assessment on a man in his 20s,

The man was due to be sectioned, but barricaded himself in the kitchen of his property with a knife when police arrived. A negotiator was then called to the scene.

At around 2.30pm the man was escorted from the scene having been tasered by police. He is now being detained in a psychiatric unit.

Greg Chastang, who lives in a flat opposite the scene, said: “There were lots of police on the scene. I don’t know if that’s because of what happened in Manchester, but they were very geared up. It did seem like a lot.

“I saw two police walk the guy out. He was walking very slowly and they were holding him up, so he did look like someone who had been tased.”

Most of the police have now left the scene and the man is being detained in a psychiatric unit of a hospital, police have confirmed.