Prolific bike thief loses Appeal Court bid to unsaddle his time behind bars

Vittorio De Sica’s classic 1948 movie ‘Bicycle Thieves’

Vittorio De Sicas classic 1948 movie Bicycle Thieves - Credit: Google

A film buff judge compared prolific bike thief Lee Nash to the lead character in a post-war Italian arthouse movie before throwing out his appeal against a jail sentence.

Nash, a 28-year-old from Bromley-by-Bow in London’s East End, was already waiting to be sentenced for stealing seven bicycles when he snatched another.

He was jailed for 17 months by Blackfriars Crown Court earlier this year for the eight bike thefts and for breaching a previous suspended prison sentence.

Appeal Court Judge Justice Keith today revealed his knowledge of a 1948 film by Vittorio De Sica when he said: “The film ‘Bicycle Thieves’ was a masterpiece of Italian cinema about a man whose bike is stolen and he cannot keep his job without it, so he resorts to stealing one—Nash did not have that excuse.”

The history of Nash’s prolific thieving goes back to 2009 when he received a 26-week suspended sentence and a community order after being caught with a stolen bike.

Nash was hauled before judges at Blackfriars in February when he admitted taking seven more bikes worth £5,000.

But he swiped another worth almost £700 while released on bail pending sentence.

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The appeal judge ruled today that Nash “got what he deserved” and dismissed his appeal against his 17 months behind bars.