Racist vandalism keyed on cars parked in street on Isle of Dogs

Racist graffiti on car in Millwall

A censored image of offensive terms keyed into cars in Millwall. - Credit: Mohammed Ahmed

Racist criminal damage inflicted on vehicles parked in a quiet turning on the Isle of Dogs has led to neighbours rallying around and suggesting a crowdfunding appeal.

People expressed their shock on Facebook after offensive words were scratched onto at least two cars in the Telegraph Place cul-de-sac just south of Millwall Docks. 

Racist graffiti on car in Millwall

A racist term was scratched into a car in Millwall - the offensive word has been blurred out. - Credit: Mohammed Ahmed

The incident has been reported to police, and Tower Hamlets Council is being asked to send its antisocial behaviour team into action.

This comes amid a controversial issue raging over a lack of car-parking space, with claims of commuters appearing to dodge restrictions by leaving vehicles in the private housing complex off Spindrift Avenue. 

But one of the cars belonged to “an elderly resident who lives there”, according to a neighbour, after seeing the pictures posted by Mohammed Ahmed on Facebook. 

A comment from Andy Almond suggested: “Happy to contribute towards a crowdfunding site to get this fixed. Police have been informed but residents’ help will be great.” 

He added: “How on earth can people think like this? One of the cars belongs to an elderly resident who lives there.” 

Cllr Andrew Wood... took down racist posters in the street

Cllr Andrew Wood - Credit: Mike Brooke

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Tower Hamlets Cllr Andrew Wood, who represents a neighbouring area at the town hall, wants council action after he reported similar incidents to police -  stickers were put up around Island Gardens attacking refugees "not welcome in Millwall”.  

He told the East London Advertiser: “I took off the most offensive signs but some were difficult to remove. Other signs were apparently from a well-known hooligan firm.” 

The latest incident in Telegraph Place has seen Facebook users rallying to support car owners. 

Helen Goddard suggested: "Definitely someone who lives there with an issue and probably been vocal about parking. I don't know what's wrong with people.” 

Shihab Ahmed added: "Must be someone who lives where the cars have been parked, knowing what race the owners are.” 

Abu Adam wrote: "Shocked to see that derogatory word is still being used! Thought that phased out a long time ago.” 

Collin Cameron revealed that he had his van window smashed and found the bodywork damaged when he parked on the street and blamed “someone from a private estate (who) didn’t like it”.