Rapist Alam on Britain’s 10 ‘most wanted’ suspects hiding in Spain

Wanted... Mohhamed Alam for rape and and Anthony Dennis for suspected drug smuggling

Wanted... Mohhamed Alam for rape and and Anthony Dennis for suspected drug smuggling - Credit: NCA

A convicted rapist on the run from justice last known to be living in London’s East End has found his way onto the latest list of Britain’s ‘most wanted’ fugitives.

Wanted...Shane Walford [left], Paul Buchanan and Carlo Dawson

Wanted...Shane Walford [left], Paul Buchanan and Carlo Dawson - Credit: NCA

Mohammed Jahangir Alam, 32, is thought to be in hiding in Spain, living among ex-patriots, one of two men from east London on the list.

His last known address was in the area around Mile End, Bethnal Green and Bow.

He is wanted by Gloucestershire police for rape and sexual assault by penetration and was convicted in March, 2010—and sentenced to 14 years in his absence.

Alam, 5ft 8ins tall, originally from Bangladesh, arrived in the UK on a temporary visa in October, 2007, living in Bradford before moving to Cheltenham a year later, during which time he physically and sexually abused one victim.

Wanted... Top: Paul Monk and David McDermott, Bottom: Scott Hughes, Michael ‘Dodge’ Roden and Jayson

Wanted... Top: Paul Monk and David McDermott, Bottom: Scott Hughes, Michael Dodge Roden and Jayson McDonald - Credit: NCA

The National Crime Agency and the independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers have added Alam and nine others to their ‘most wanted’ list under Operation Captura.

The list also includes Anthony Dennis, 47, originally from Hackney, who is suspected of conspiracy to traffic drugs abroad, conspiracy to import three tonnes of South American cocaine into The Netherlands and helping to import cocaine into Belgium and Germany.

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Dennis, at 5ft 3ins tall, has a small scar on the right side of his forehead. His last known address was in Ongar in Essex.

This fresh appeal aimed at tracking down fugitives is the ninth since 2006—the previous eight appeals have so far netted 65 out of 76 criminals on the run.

“There are criminals who are evading arrest and we must ensure they’re brought to justice,” Crimestoppers founder Lord Ashcroft said.

“We are confident we can successfully hunt them down with support from the Spanish authorities, as well as the public here and in Spain.”

The biggest fish caught in the Captura net so far was drugs shark Stephen Blundell, 36, who fled abroad before being sentenced for a £1 million heroin plot, but later handed himself in to authorities in Tenerife.

National Crime Agency’s Head of International Operations, Hank Cole, said: “Spain is not a safe haven for British fugitives.

“We will continue to pursue these fugitives relentlessly and return them to Britain to face justice.”

The agency, working with the Foreign Office in Madrid as well as British and Spanish police, is appealing for anyone with information to call Crimestoppers free on 0800-555111. Anyone calling from Spain can call Crimestoppers on a special Spanish freephone, 900-555111, with a translation service available. They can also pass information to Crimestoppers anonymously online.

The others on the latest wanted list issued at 10am today include Shane Walford, 38—former soldier and boxer jailed for 54 months for manslaughter after killing a firefighter in a bar, released on licence but failed to attend supervision appointments and had his licence revoked with a recall to prison—Paul Buchanan, 29, suspected attempted rape, and Carlo Dawson, 52, suspected indecent assault and making indecent photographs of a child.

Five are wanted on suspicion of conspiracy to smuggle drugs. They are Paul Monk, 54, from Romford, David McDermott, 41, also wanted for blackmail, Scott Hughes, 34, also for money laundering, Michael ‘Dodge’ Roden, 25, recall to prison, and Jayson McDonald, 37.