Spate of thefts of Asian gold in Tower Hamlets

Asian gold, which police say thieves are targeting

Asian gold, which police say thieves are targeting - Credit: Archant

Owners of Asian gold are being urged to be vigilant after 247 thefts were recorded in the past year alone.

Reports of thefts of the gold have risen sharply since the turn of the year.

A total of 36 burglaries were recorded in March – up from just 15 in April 2012.

Ch Insp Paul Warnett urged people to take pictures of jewellery to ensure it was identifiable to police in the event of theft.

“The effects of burglary go way beyond a loss of property”, he said. “Bespoke items of jewellery are not easily identifiable as they are not marked with serial numbers and in many cases have deep sentimental value.

“Please make sure that your doors and windows are properly locked and don’t allow strangers who call unexpectedly to come into your home”, he added.

Police are urging anyone with information about the theft or sale of Asian gold to contact Tower Hamlets Police by calling 101, or by phoning Crimestoppers anonymously.