Squatters quit house in Bow occupied while woman was giving birth

Squatters have finally left a house in London’s East End for the second time after having moved in the day the owner’s wife was away giving birth.

Police used new legislation making squatting illegal in a residential address to retrieve the property.

It was the second time squatters had taken over the terraced house in Bow, said police.

But this time officers slapped a copy of the 2012 Legislation on the door. They also spoke to the seven people inside and gave them details of homeless agencies.

“It’s fantastic that I have my property back,” the owner said later.

“I’d be lying if I said I felt sorry for them—they caused a lot of damage.”

Squatters first occupied the property in Bow Road back in May and it took a court repossession order to get them out.

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But they returned in August while the couple were away when the wife was giving birth, police confirmed.

This time, the Bow Neighbourhood police team used the Legal Aid, Sentencing & Punishment of Offenders Act which came into force on September 1.

Pc Troy Simpson said: “We made the squatters aware of the legislation and have been able to return the property without lengthy court hearings and costs.”

Neighbours told police they had seen the squatters leave. The property was finally returned to the couple on August 28.