Success for East End’s dedicated domestic violence court

A COURT dedicated to prosecuting domestic violence cases is proving to be a success, according to impressive recent figures released by Tower Hamlets council.

Satisfaction rates have dramatically increased to 84 per cent compared to the 50 per cent they were at when the dedicated court room at Thames Magistrates’ Court first opened in October last year.

The number of people convicted by the court, which runs every Thursday from the court in Bow Road, has also risen by 18 per cent.

One victim whose case went through the court has described the Independent Domestic Violence Advocates who helped her as “helpful and kind”.

She said: “The people in the witness service were incredibly helpful and kind. It’s an amazing service and I’m very grateful to them.”

The court was set up in October last year to fast track domestic violence cases and help victims.

It means that victims are constantly supported and protected when their cases go to court and ensures that cases are dealt with effectively.

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The council’s community safety chief Cllr Abbdal Ullah said: “We want to make it as easy as possible for people who suffer from domestic violence to come forward and receive justice.

“The domestic violence court does exactly that, and the positive response from victims is testament to its good work.”