Supermarket goes into ‘lock down’ trapping suspect after attack on customer

Supermarket in Limehouse that went into 'lock down'. Picture: Google

Supermarket in Limehouse that went into 'lock down'. Picture: Google - Credit: Google

A supermarket went into ‘lock down’ waiting for police to arrive when shoppers trapped a suspect after an attack on a customer in the aisles.

Police were called to the Limehouse Tesco Express in Commercial Road, after a customer was punched to the ground and kicked.

The suspect was tackled by other shoppers who trapped him in the store for 20 minutes including have-a-go pensioner Damien Chittock.

"I saw the shopper on the ground with blood coming from his head," the 67-year-old told the Advertiser. "I challenged the suspect and gripped his arm to stop him running out.

"I had to get the manager to lock the doors. The security guard came to help and stopped other people coming into the store."

Other shoppers chipped in to stop the suspect running off, including Yorkshireman shopping in the store who rugby-tackled him as the manager went to lock the doors, according to Damien whose leg was injured in the struggle.

But the suspect managed to slip away through the grocery storeroom at the back and out through the fire escape before police arrived.

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The injured shopper was treated by ambulance paramedics for deep cuts to his face.

Police later confirmed: "We are trying to see if we can get a suspect description."

The store's security camera was being checked to see if it caught the 9pm incident on June 27.

One witness described the suspect as black, in his 20s, stocky-built and about 5ft 7ins tall.

He was wearing a blue shirt, dark trousers and carrying a grey rucksack or bag.