Tower Hamlets Tory leader gathers fresh allegations of election fraud ahead of London Mayoral Election

A row has broken out after fresh allegations of voting fraud have been put forward by the leader of Tower Hamlets Conservatives who are now calling for a “proper investigation”.

It comes as the Town Hall announced this week that its voting registration system was given a clean bill of health by the Electoral Commission following allegations of voting fraud.

However, leader of the Conservative group, Cllr Peter Golds, dismissed the findings and called both the commission and police “ineffective”.

Last week Cllr Golds sent a 200-page dossier listing examples of unusually high numbers of voters currently registered to the same address to the council and Electoral Commission.

He also plans to send his report, which includes photos of properties with eight to 12 adults registered, to Scotland Yard.

Cllr Golds said: “What I have is a forensic report with examples of an unusually high number of adults under the same roof.”

Information he provided to the Electoral Commission after the 2010 elections did not lead to any police action.

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Cllr Golds said: “The Electoral Commission and police have been ineffective in taking action on election fraud. I presented them with evidence after the 2010 elections when 7,000 people where added to the register in one month.


“The police conducted enquiries and – surprise, surprise – no action was taken.

“It would appear to have been as thorough as the initial investigation into phone hacking.”

The Electoral Commission said that, while they look into voting registration processes, allegations of fraud should be taken to the police.

The council said it has already visited properties with more than eight names registered and is now visiting 500 properties with more than six people.

A spokeswoman confirmed the council’s elections manager was handed research by Cllr Golds.

“We’ll confirm to him they are all properties captured either on our last visits or the ones started last weekend.

“Whilst we are disappointed Cllr Golds will not accept the steps taken, we can assure the public we’re working hard to ensure the integrity of the electoral register.”

Scotland Yard said allegations following the 2010 elections in Tower Hamlets were thoroughly investigated.

A spokesman said: “After extensive enquiries, no offences were disclosed and no further action will be taken currently based on the information gathered during the investigation.

“Any new evidence will be considered as appropriate.”