Two arrests after incident in hydrotherapy pool of Isle of Dogs school

Two men were arrested after chasing each other into the hydrotherapy pool at a school on the Isle of Dogs today.

Police were called to George Green’s School in Manchester Road after the pair – who are reportedly not associated with the school – chased each other into its grounds.

No pupils were using the pool, which is adapted for physiotherapy, during the incident, which took place at around 11.15am.

Staff administered first aid to the men, who were then apprehended by police.

A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed two men were arrested at the scene on suspicion of grievous bodily harm. Both were reportedly taken to hospital for treatment.

The school’s principal, Kenny Frederick, said: “There were no children using the hydrotherapy pool which is usually secured from inside when in use.

“No other children were at risk as the school is undergoing building works and there is no entry into the rest of the school from the lobby of the hydrotherapy pool.

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“This was a very serious incident for the adults involved and tribute must be paid to the staff members from George Green’s who unselfishly offered first aid to strangers.

“This school has a good, friendly atmosphere, which makes the events of this morning all the more shocking. School is continuing as normal and we are supporting the police with their investigations”, she added.