Underground sex pest jailed and banned from Central Line

Jailed and banned from Underground... sex pest Mohibur Rahman

Jailed and banned from Underground... sex pest Mohibur Rahman - Credit: BTP

A man who sexually assaulted the same woman passenger twice on the London Underground has been jailed for eight months and banned from the Central Line in the rush-hour for five years.

Sex pest Mohibur Rahman, 35, from Ligonier Street in Bethnal Green, was sentenced on Friday after a jury previously found him guilty of two sexual assaults.

He was given two eight-month sentences to run together.

But he is also banned from the Central Line between 7 and 10am and 4-7pm, while the Sexual Offences Prevention order also bars him entering Holborn tube station on weekdays.

Rahman put his hand across the 27-year-old woman’s hips and squeezed her in his first assault on a train between Chancery Lane and Bank.

The woman confronted him and he apologised before getting off the train.

But he lunged at the same woman again three weeks later at Holborn as she made her way up the escalators, putting his hand up her skirt.

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This time the woman followed Rahman and grabbed his collar and confronted him.

“She was extremely distressed and angry,” Det Con Darren Davies said after Rahman’s trial at Blackfriars Crown Court. “But we’re grateful she came forward which brought him to justice.”

Rahman’s Oyster card was checked as well as his movements on CCTV—which showed he had lingered more than an hour between Liverpool Street and Holborn, a 10-minute journey just four stops away. The Oyster card also showed he made several other short journeys which police found had taken “vast amounts of time”.