UPDATE - Bow police raid rescued kidnap victim in his 20s

Armed police raided an Old Ford Road property this morning and rescued a man in his 20s as part of an ongoing kidnap investigation.

A neighbour below the flat in Jossiline Court, off St Stephen’s Road, reported hearing a loud explosion as officers forced their way into the property at around 9.30am.

Anthony Stock, 56, said around 40 officers had arrived at the building in plains clothes, with many carrying machine guns.

The team from the Met’s Kidnap Unit found a man inside with non-life threatening injuries who was then taken to a central London hospital.

Four men at the property were arrested and three were taken into custody at a central London police station.

A fourth was being treated at an east London hospital with a minor facial injury.

Mr Stock said: “I’m still waiting for my body to come back inside my skin.

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“Everyone heard the explosion and then came out to see what was happening.

“I have to admit I panicked and ducked down.”

The police are continuing their inquiries.