UPDATE: Student doctor saves stabbed man in Bow pub

A student doctor gave life-saving treatment to a man who staggered into a Bow pub after being stabbed in a nearby street.

The trainee, who is in his last year of medical school and known only as Reuben, happened to be drinking in the Lord Cardigan in Anglo Road on Friday evening when the dramatic scenes unfolded.

The 20-year-old victim, who was described as being in a critical condition earlier this week, staggered into the pub at around 6.40pm.

Manager Keith Martin said: “We have a regular who is his last year of medical school and he and my wife covered the man’s wounds. He was fully conscious, we took his shirt off and it looked like he’d be stabbed in the leg and back.

“The police sergeant later said he (Reuben) probably saved his life. He knew what to look for and he kept a reading of his pulse.”

Mr Martin added that the victim was able to speak when he staggered in and told bar staff he needed help.

Clare Martin, co-manager, said: “He was in a terrible state and in shock. We took him to one side of the pub, sat him down and gave him first aid.”

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The man was taken to an east London hospital.

Tower Hamlets Police said in a statement: “A crime scene was established at the nearby junction of Mostyne Grove and Tredegar Road.”

Det Sgt Robert Brown from the Violent Crime Unit at Limehouse police station, said: “There was a commotion outside Sabella Court, Mostyne Grove which may have been seen by many people who are encouraged to come forward with information.”

Anyone with information should call the unit on 0207 275 4772 or Crimestoppers anonmyously on 0800 111 555.

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