‘Violent and manipulative’ Isle of Dogs man jailed for abuse of deaf women

A “violent and manipulative bully” who beat and humiliated two deaf women has been jailed.

Abdul Kadir, 25, who is also deaf, repeatedly beat, kicked and insulted the women over the course of a three year and two year relationship respectively.

Kadir, of Westferry Road on the Isle of Dogs, ridiculed their physical appearance, and spread false rumours that one was mentally disabled.

He was found guilty of routinely physically abusing the women, aged 28 and 31, last month. But he was cleared of repeatedly raping them and locking them in their own homes.

Sentencing Kadir to three years behind bars at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday, Judge Patricia Lees said: “You are a violent and manipulative bully.

“After a honeymoon period when you lulled each victim into a false sense that they were loved by you, you subjected them to systematic abuse.

“You employed classic bullying tactics, pretending the assaults had never happened and blaming the victims.

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“You have shown no remorse,” she added.

Kadir forced the 28-year-old to sleep on the floor of his bedroom while he took the bed, and repeatedly ridiculed her appearance. He also circulated rumours that the 31-year-old, who works as an actress, was autistic.

He got the victim’s attention by rapping them on the head, something considered particularly demeaning within the deaf community.

The 31-year-old finally reported him to police after he threatened her with a knife.

Judge Lees added: “The impact of what you did to her reduced the 28-year-old to rock bottom.

“I won’t spell out exactly what she did, but rock bottom is clearly the state she was in.”

Kadir denied multiple counts of rape against each victim, and one count of false imprisonment against the 28-year-old.