Vital CCTV footage stolen from club moments after rapper’s stabbing

Vital CCTV footage was stolen from the security room of an east London club moments after a rapper was stabbed to death there.

Boheme nightclub on Mile End Road has been closed down after police uncovered security lapses following the death of Tottenham rapper Kelvin Easton in the early hours of Sunday.

Officers warned that the club “lost what could have been a vital piece of evidence” in their application to Tower Hamlets council for a licence suspension.

The clubber, who was known as Smegz and had several music videos on You Tube, was stabbed in the heart.

He collapsed in the stairwell after being attacked with a champagne bottle, the club said in a statement.

Just after the stabbing, a clubber was given access to the security office by Bohme staff and went on to steal the CCTV hard-drive.

The report said: “Despite the fact that this man is not a member of staff and unknown to him, he took the man into the room where it is kept.”

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Police also fear security staff failed to pick up weapons with the search arch and metal detector wands which they must use on every punter as a condition of their licence.

Boheme has an uneasy history in the area, with those living nearby complaining about noise, parking problems and fights.

Monthly meetings between the club’s bosses and residents were set up to resolve the problems.

Sonja Besford, who lives close to the club, said: “We want it to shut down. We’ve had to deal with noise, drugs and now this.”

Benn Wilson and Dante Williams, who run Boheme, said in a statement: “We will be working alongside the police using our in house ID scan to ensure that the person responsible is caught.”

Earlier this month the club was fined �6,000 for plastering Tower Hamlets with hundreds of illegal posters.

The owners failed to turn up to hearing on Friday March 18 at Thames magistrates’ court but were found guilty of ten offences of fly posting and one of fly tipping.

Mile End Residents’ Association said it has had a dialogue with the club’s bosses but added that many residents were extremely concerned about the latest incident.

Lene Milaa, secretary, said: “Serious questions must be asked if it turns out that a knife was smuggled in.”

Four men have been arrested in connection with the death.

A 27-year-old was arrested on Sunday and three others, aged 25, 23 and a 17 were arrested on Monday.

All have been bailed to return to east and north London police stations on May 17.

Detectives are appealing for witnesses.

Call 020 8345 4142 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.