Youth admits carrying drugs after police search on Bethnal Green street

A TEENAGER admitted possession of class A drugs after was stopped by police carrying 28 wraps of cocaine and heroin he said he had found.

District Judge Malcolm Read heard that the 15-year-old was stopped whilst with a group of his friends in Cambridge Heath Road in Bethnal Green by police who suspected they might be carrying drugs.

Prosecutor Tai Akinrowo said a packet of drugs fell out while the teenager, who cannot be named, was being searched at the police station.

He told the hearing at the youth court at Thames Magistrates’ Court last Thursday that the drugs were analysed and there were 18 wraps of crack cocaine and 10 wraps containing heroin.

Mr Akinrowo said the youth, who lives in Whitechapel, said they were crack and heroin when the packages fell out.

He was also carrying �175 on him.

Rita Patel, defending said the boy admitted to the two charges of carrying the class A drugs on May 19 2010 but was not intending to supply them to anyone.

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She said the teenager was on his way to a friend’s party with some friends and they were on their way to an off licence.

She said the boy spotted some shiny coloured objects that he thought could have been drugs.

“He was going to hand it to a friend of his who had helped him out in the past, not to make financial gain,” she said.

She added that he was carrying cash he had been saving up from work he had been doing and had been given money by one of his friends who had a birthday.

District Judge Read said he had doubts about the explanation about why the boy was carrying the cash but heard that he was of good character and that his head teacher, who was in court, was pleased with his work.

He ordered the teenager to carry out a six months referral order with the youth offending team.

He said: “They will go through these two offences and go through the scourge of these items that are manifest and what happens to that when they go into the huge criminal industry that underlies it.”

He ordered the confiscation and destruction of the drugs but said he could not order the confiscation of the cash.