Cycling ‘pothole gardener’ sees red in ITV green finger protest at Shoreditch

'Pothole planter' Steve Wheen (inset) spotted at work in Shoreditch

'Pothole planter' Steve Wheen (inset) spotted at work in Shoreditch - Credit: KEN HAYES/ITN PRODUCTIONS

A ‘pothole gardening protester’ has been caught on camera turning ruts in the road into micro gardens in London’s East End.

Cyclist Steve Wheen turns gaps in the tarmac around Shoreditch where he lives into “pothole gardens”, after being inspired to be “a green-finger protestor” when he nearly came off his bike several times.

Steve was spotted by a TV crew and ended up telling his story to ITV’s Car Crash Britain: Caught On Camera show.

“These are little moments of happiness,” he confides. “But potholes are a real danger, whether you’re a cyclist, car driver or a pedestrian.”

Passers-by seeing his handy-work with plants and a trowel told the programme-makers that a “pothole garden” helps avoid any risk of accident and prompts the authorities to take action.

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Two episodes of the programme have been looking at crashes, crime and confrontations across Britain, talking to victims and eye-witnesses. Future episodes are looking at heroes and villains and everyday incidents that make people see red.

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