‘Dangerous’: Broken window in Bow still not fixed after four months

A wooden board was duct-taped into place after the window fell down

A wooden board was duct-taped into place after the window fell down - Credit: Archant

A woman who has waited four months for her broken window to be fixed says she fears for her daughter’s safety.

Jemma Clark, of Brecon House in Ordell Road, Bow, sent five letters of complaint to Circle Housing, who manage her flat, after the window fell off its hinges in early March.

Circle’s contractors stuck a wooden board in the window’s place with duct tape, but it keeps falling down, damaging the walls on either side.

Ms Clark, a receptionist and single mother, worried about leaving her six-year-old daughter in the flat alone, in case the board dropped out of place.

“It’s really dangerous,” she said. “My daughter could fall out the window.”

Ms Clark says Circle have made several appointments to fix the window, but have cancelled at the last minute, despite her having taken time off work to let them in.

Last week the delays nearly ruined her daughter Kyla’s seventh birthday.

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“There was no light in my living room,” she said. “I couldn’t invite my daughter’s school friends for a party, just because of embarrassment really.”

Circle Housing replaced the wooden board with a plastic pane to allow in some light, so the birthday party was able to go ahead.

But Ms Clark is still waiting for the window to be fixed and has asked for compensation for the money she has lost by taking time off work for cancelled appointments.

“I think it’s disgusting the way they have treated me,” she said.

Circle Housing apologised for the delay, saying its contractor “had difficulties sourcing the correct parts to carry out the repair”.

A spokesman said Circle would discuss compensation with Ms Clark this week and the contractor would replace the window at Ms Clark’s next appointment on Monday.

David Richardson, Circle’s regional director of property services, said: “We are really sorry about the unacceptable delay to fix this window, and are working hard to fix this.

“We’re supporting Ms Clark through this, and updating her regularly on the repairs.”

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