Decrease in deliberate fires but Tower Hamlets still has most in London

Deliberate fires are declining in London

Deliberate fires are declining in London - Credit: sub

Tower Hamlets has the most deliberate fires in the capital, despite a 85% decrease in the number started over the last decade.

In 2003/04, it was the second highest borough with 2387 deliberate fires, and while that figure has dropped to just 357, it tops the chart, according to figures released by the London Fire Brigade.

The drop has been mirrored across all London boroughs

London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson said: “The brigade has worked extremely hard alongside its partners in the police and local councils to make it more difficult than ever for mindless vandals to endanger the lives of Londoners by setting fire to rubbish and vehicles left in our streets.

“I would urge anyone who sees an abandoned vehicle or dumped rubbish to report it to their council, which will help get it removed so it cannot become a target for would-be arsonists.”