Disabled woman in Poplar says she was denied a car through government scheme

A 31-year-old disabled women, with an 11-year-old disabled daughter who also suffers from leukaemia, says their quality of life hit rock bottom after being denied a car.

Kim Furby says she was told she could no longer be part of a government scheme, allowing people to spend part of their disability living allowance leasing a car, after she had two cars stolen and was involved in an accident she says was not her fault.

But after the Advertiser made enquiries Ms Furby has been told she can rejoin the scheme.

Ms Furby and her daughter Jordan Humphrey both have a hereditary disorder, called Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease, which causes muscle tissue to waste away making it increasing difficult to walk.

Ms Furby said: “I was told I was high risk. It’s been three weeks without a car and our quality of life hit rock bottom. I can’t walk very far. So we have missed medical appointments and Jordan has not been to after school club and swimming.

“Jordan has to go to hospital every three month for leukaemia treatment. She has been very sick and feeling down because of her treatment, so it’s important she gets out as much as possible.

“She has been walking to school but gets very tired from her condition, and if she goes on public transport she has to be careful not to pick up an infection, which could kill her because of her condition.”

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Ms Furby said she had been relying on her dad to drive them, but that it is difficult for him as he suffers from the same genetic disorder as them.

She says she now receives a �50 a week taxi allowance but ran up a �300 taxi bill in a month.

A spokeswoman for Motability Operations yesterday told the Advertiser they were willing to appeal the decision with their insurers.

Today Ms Furby was told she can rejoin the scheme if she pays a higher insurance premium. She said: “I’m very relieved we don’t have to go without a car even if it’s not ideal with the higher insurance premium.

A spokesman from her insurers Royal Sun Alliance said: “We automatically reassess insurance covers every five years. But after your paper got in contact we looked at her individual circumstances.”