Viewpoint: Budget proposals set to prioritise the most important services


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As we enter 2019 I’ve published details of my budget proposals for the next three years.

Despite cuts of 64 per cent to our core budget since 2010 we need to save yet another £44 million due to government austerity.

Like most councils, we are suggesting a council tax rise. We are proposing 2.4pc, with an additional 1pc for ‘adult social care’. The government assumes we will set an even higher increase but we have limited the cost rise for residents. Raising taxes brings no joy, but we will still have the seventh lowest council tax in London.

We continue to prioritise frontline services and supporting vulnerable people.

We consulted residents who told us their key priorities: community safety (we are spending £1.7m more), housing (we are providing 2,000 more council homes) and Early Years (an extra £4.9m). It’s a tough time but my budget aims to make Tower Hamlets a cleaner, safer and fairer place to live.

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