Advertiser letters: Liveable Streets pollution trial and pension credit

Tredegar Road, between Fairfield Road and Parnell Road, was open to buses only between 7am  8pm ea

Tredegar Road, between Fairfield Road and Parnell Road, was open to buses only between 7am 8pm each day as part of the abandoned Bow trial. Picture: GOOGLE - Credit: Archant

Letters, contributions and comments sent in to the Advertiser this week.

Liveable Streets pollution trial

Christine Browne, Lacey Mews, Bow writes:

On July 13 a peaceful protest was made opposing a trial in Bow that was organised by Liveable Streets, which allegedly would benefit all by providing cleaner air.

The reality would have been chaos and to unlawfully force restrictions on local residents preventing them from leaving and entering their homes in a convenient and timely manner, furthermore the problem of pollution would not be resolved just relocated elsewhere.

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This is a harebrained badly thought out idea by a group of people with money to waste and underhand tactics and absolutely no consultation.

We as a group of long standing residents of this area decided to make a peaceful stand and were labelled as aggressive because we took the opportunity to exercise our democratic rites.

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The real aggressors here were those that sanctioned this lunacy and to think they could ignore the 95 per cent of locals and businesses that would of suffered as a result.

Eligibility for free TV licence fee

June Bennet, Benefitanswers, writes:

The BBC plans to make most over-75s pay the TV licence fee but will continue to provide TV licenses to over-75s who claim pension credit, a means-tested benefit designed to help the elderly.

Four out of 10 households (or up to 1.3 million families) that could receive pension credit are not claiming the benefit.

That works out at £3.5bn a year in pension credit that goes unpaid!

So, if you have ever wondered if you could be eligible for pension credit now is the time to find out if only to save the cost of the TV licence!

Benefitanswers offer a FREE check which will tell you if you could be entitled to pension credit.

- For your free check telephone 0330 223 4773 or for more information visit

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