Viewpoint: Cost of getting justice through court needs addressing

PUBLISHED: 08:00 28 July 2018


It is a scandal that the election Tower Hamlets election petitioners have lost money in undertaking a public duty in exposing election fraud.

How can securing justice penalise those who have worked to get the result?

This is wrong and must change. The petitioners were doing the work that the police should have undertaken, instead of ignoring complaints, hoping that those who expected free and fair elections would lose interest.

Sadly, our country seems to have a problem in delivering justice to the innocent.

Recently a colleague was found not guilty, after the jury deliberating for half an hour, of allegations bought before a court.

The judge informed him that he left completely innocent and personally hoped that his career would resume where it left off.

Yet he is faced with a bill of almost £200,000 to prove his innocence.

Parliament must ensure that the innocent are not priced out of the system.

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