Doctor/pilot duo to run 200 miles through desert for Air Ambulance

The heat is on for a pilot and a doctor about to embark on a gruelling six day multi-marathon mission in the deserts of Jordan.

In a bid to raise �10,000 for Whitechapel-based London’s Air Ambulance, Captain Neil Jeffers and Dr Tom Konig will attempt to run eight marathons through the Wadi Rum desert – which records average temperatures of 32 degrees.

The workmates are hoping their military backgrounds will help them get through a challenge that few could endure.

Captain Jeffers, part of a pool of pilots who work from The Royal London Hospital base, said it always shocks him how little people know about LAA and that it is a charity.

He added: “Tom and I consider ourselves relatively fit but this challenge is a massive one.”

Dr Konig described LAA as a “world leader in trauma care”.

The pair will join fifty others for the feat which kicks off on September 3.

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