Domestic abuse campaign launches at Whitechapel’s Jagonari Centre

A campaign targeting domestic abuse in Tower Hamlets was launched at the Jagonari Women’s Educational Centre last week.

The drive is focusing on educating men in the borough about the different types of behaviour which can constitute domestic abuse, and is set to offer one-to-one support sessions for women affected by abuse.

Speaking at the launch at the centre in Whitechapel Road, Jagonari’s director Nurjahan Khatun said: “The launch of this campaign marks a significant step in getting to the root of the issue of domestic abuse.

“The fact that some men can commit domestic abuse without realising the social consequences of their action is unacceptable and it is, in this shift of attitude that Jagonari is interested in.”

The campaign, which is to run until March 2013, is calling on men to recognise abuse, offer support and get involved in the campaign. Its launch was attended by a variety of community figures, including Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman.

He said: “Whatever we can do to end domestic abuse we must do it. I say that as a man, a Tower Hamlets resident and as mayor.

“I want to see an end to domestic abuse and everyone to live in dignity.”

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