Dragon unveiled to show ultimate ‘power house’ of Tower of London

This fabulous ‘bejewelled’ dragon standing 9ft high has been unveiled at the Tower of London by Prince Michael of Kent as the centrepiece of a new exhibition about England’s ultimate ‘power house’.

The Royal Armouries permanent display shows the role of major institutions of State that were the bedrock of power throughout the centuries since the Norman Conquest.

The beast is made of components from each of the great institutions, such as armour, swords, firearms and cannon from the Ordnance Office to create the back legs and body, a cage from the Menagerie for the ribcage, chains from the Royal Prison for the tail, coins from the Royal Mint for the dragon’s fire, telescopes from the Observatory for front legs, and parchments from the Records Office and maps from the Ordnance Survey for the wings.

But best of all, diamonds and rubies—fake, of course—from The Jewel House for the dragon’s eyes.

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