DRIVER WARNING: Police running 20mph speed trap in St Paul’s Way at Bow

Police 20mph speed trap

Police 20mph speed trap - Credit: MPS

Police are carrying out an operation this-morning to catch motorists at a hot-spot driving above 20 miles-an-hour in London’s East End from 8.30am, drivers are warned.

Driivers are cautioned in St Paul's Way

Driivers are cautioned in St Paul's Way - Credit: MPS

Officers are using radar guns to check how fast vehicles are being driven in Bow Common along the B140 St Paul’s Way between Bromley-by-Bow and the A1205 Burdett Road north of Limehouse.

Drivers going faster than the new 20mph limit are being flagged-down, in the first part of a police borough-wide campagin across Tower Hamlets.

The Friday morning rush-hour speed trap is being set up outside St Luke’s Primary school close to the traffic-lights with Burdett Road and officers have recruited schoolchildren to help them.

Motorists who are stopped face questions from pupils outside the school asking why they are driving above the new lower speed limit, it is understood.

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But they won’t actually be prosecuted, the East London Advertiser has learned.

“This is not an execise to prosecute motorists,” a police officer told the paper. “It’s about speed awareness because most of Tower Hamlets has gone down to 20mph.

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“We will be carrying out these exercises outside other schools in the East End in the coming weeks.”

The ‘speed awareness’ operation carried out in a partnership with Tower Hamlets Council is not expected to last more than an hour, police say.

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