Drivers face ‘average speed’ trap on A13 from Monday

BRITAIN’s first ‘average speed’ camera system in an urban area begins on the A13 in East London from Monday morning.

It runs for six miles between Barking’s Goresbrook interchange and the Canning Town Flyover just before Canary Wharf and Poplar.

But the speed limit is being increased at the same time along the six-lane dual carriageway, from 40 to 50mph, as part of a ‘realistic’ traffic management approach backed by the police.

The A13 was chosen because of a high number of road accidents. There were 426 collisions causing two deaths and 37 serious injuries between 2007 and 2009, according to Home Office statistics.

The new ‘average speed’ system replaces the existing fixed and mobile speed cameras along the stretch of road. Transport for London is hoping it will reduce accidents by a third.

The increased speed limit follows a study of the A13, which showed that a 50mph limit “is appropriate for this stretch of road.”

Met Police traffic cop Simon Wickenden said: “We support the increase in speed on the A13, which is more appropriate for a dual carriageway like this, and the ‘average speed’ cameras. The potential reduction in collisions would mean fewer lengthy road closures.”

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But the new higher limit excludes the Canning Town flyover which remains at 30mph and the Lodge Avenue flyover at 40mph.

Transport for London has installed 84 cameras at 37 locations along this stretch of the A13, drivers are warned.