East End group says Lutfur Rahman quoted letter ‘out of context’

Mayor Lutfur Rahman at TELCO's hustings event on Thursday

Mayor Lutfur Rahman at TELCO's hustings event on Thursday - Credit: Archant

An East End community group says it was “quoted out of context” by the Mayor in a letter apparently supporting his bid for re-election.

In a statement released by his party Tower Hamlets First on Friday, Mayor Lutfur Rahman quoted the East London Communities Organisation (TELCO) praising his administration, calling this a “boost” for his campaign.

However, the head of the group’s umbrella organisation, London Citizens, said it’s letter, which had actually been sent weeks before, was no endorsement, and called the Mayor’s statement “unhelpful”.

The statement came the morning after both the Mayor and his Labour rival John Biggs signed up for the group’s post-election proposals.

Neil Jameson, founder of London Citizens, said: “The letter is not an endorsement of Lutfur Rahman. We don’t endorse candidates.

“It was put out after the Panorama programme, on April 30.

“We find it unhelpful that he would put it out the morning after our TELCO public meeting with himself and John Biggs. It could be unfortunately misinterpreted because of the timing.”

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He added: “What he quoted was true, but it was quoted out of context. We don’t endorse any candidates.”

TELCO is the founding chapter of London Citizens, the UK’s largest independent community alliance.

In it’s letter, TELCO defended the Mayor following a critical Panorama report on his administration, saying he had helped to implement it’s proposals since he was elected in 2010.

The Mayor’s statement on May 9, headed “Mayor Lurfur Rahman Boosted by East London Citizens’ Letter”, quoted the Mayor saying: “I’m very grateful that TELCO have issued this unprecedented letter in support of my approach and record.

“If I’m re-elected I promise to keep working with TELCO and other community groups to bring transformational change to the East End.”