East End man demands action over “unbearable” noise at Victoria Park festival

A man whose home backs onto Victoria Park is so fed up with the “unbearable and incessant” noise at festivals held there he is demanding council chiefs come and experience it themselves.

Chris Rawlins has lived at his flat in Parnell Road for more than ten years but says the regular run of festivals at the famous East End park has made his last few summers “a misery”.

He has now taken the unusual step of inviting mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman and chief executive Kevan Collins to his house during next month’s Lovebox festival to so he can ask them if they find the noise levels acceptable.

Mr Rawlins’ home is about 100m from the main stage area in Victoria Park.

“The noise was unbearable and we’ve got more festivals coming up. We felt punched by the baseline over the weekend,” he said.

His 70-year-old mother, who lives in the flat below, was extremely disturbed by the racket at the LED festival, he said.

The council announced earlier this year that it would be reducing the number of festivals at the park.

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Free festival Paradise Gardens and the fireworks in the summer were ditched but there are still six main music events up until early August.

Mr Rawlins has accused council chiefs of providing a “raw deal” for residents.

He said: “The original rationale was that the festivals paid for the fireworks but now they’ve cancelled those there’s nothing in it for us at all.”

Mr Rahman and Mr Collins have yet to reply to Mr Rawlins’ offer of tea during Lovebox.