East Ender on top of the world after reaching Everest summit

Wapping mountaineer Stewart Edge was quite literally on top of the world after achieving his childhood dream of summiting Everest.

After two gruelling months faced with some of the toughest conditions on earth, the 32-year-old climber and his team reached the 29,029ft peak last Thursday.

Contacting The Advertiser by email, the construction manager said: “I’m feeling like I am still on top of the world. Looking forward to my steak in Kathmandu!”

But recounting the physical challenge of the final leg of the trek he added: “The yellow band and Geneva Spur were challenging rock/ice climbs and with a 20kg rucksack were exhausting.

“Trying to do anything, even rest, without oxygen was hard and left us light headed and lungs gasping.”

After 26,00ft, mountaineers get to what is known as the ‘Death Zone’ and this part of the trek requires oxygen.

When they reached their final resting spot before the summit bid, the team had seven hours to boil water and eat and drink as much as they could for the trying conditions ahead.

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With two oxygen bottles, one litre of water and two snickers bars, the climber made the final ascent.

A blip in the route caused by intense stomach cramps meant at one point he could only manage a couple of steps a minute.

It transpired that his oxygen had been turned off and soon got back on track after getting the technical glitch sorted.

The intrepid East Ender is aiming to raise �29,029, the mountain’s height, for children’s charity Starlight.

He is now trekking back down the mountain and is due back in London early next week.

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