East Enders’ phone captures winning Vicky Park image

A PHOTOGRAPH of Victoria Park’s iconic Pavilion Caf� captured the imagination of residents as they voted the picture victorious in a recent competition.

The man behind the photograph was Bow’s Jordi Martorell who fought stiff competition and won �50 worth of shopping vouchers.

Keen photographer Jordi said: “I visit Victoria Park every week and often take pictures there.

“I was walking past the caf� one day, and the sky looked really dramatic. I took the picture with my mobile phone as that’s all I had on me.”

More than 300 photographs of Victoria Park were collected during the autumn months. The photographs, which help to paint a picture of the park’s past and present, ranged from the 1930s to the 1990s.

Showing historical happenings, such as a visit by the late Queen Mother to family fun days, the photos illustrate how the park has changed over the years while remain a vital part of East End life.

The images were whittled down to just 10, and the public were given the chance to vote for their favourite.

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The archive project is part of the park’s �12 million restoration project during which Tower Hamlets council asked people to upload their photographs to provide a snapshot of life in the park prior to the restoration.

All of the images are available to view on Flickr - www.flickr.com/groups/thepeoplespark