Living near the best schools is a priority for any parent.

Being able to send your child to a school that's outstanding in the eyes of Ofsted is often a factor in where families set up home.

With that considered, we've created an interactive map which shows you how much it will cost to live near one of the top schools in Newham and Tower Hamlets.


Stratford, West Ham and Plaistow

There are nine Outstanding schools within commuting distance of these areas: two in the Stratford and New Town area, one on the border of Stratford and West Ham, one in the heart of West Ham and a five spread across Plaistow.

Buying on the northern side of Stratford and New Town - near Harris Academy Chobham and Colegrave Primary School - will cost you an average of £600,000.

It's more affordable to buy on the border of that area and West Ham, close to the John F Kennedy Special School.

House prices range between £320,000 and £375,000.

When compared to its neighbours, West Ham and Plaistow are more affordable areas overall.

While properties in the former can cost an average of £460,000, it's possible to buy for £330,000 in the area beside the Rebecca Cheetham Nursery and Children's Centre.

Prices in Plaistow North - close to Portway Primary School, Curwen Primary School and Selwyn Primary School - start at £375,100 and rise to £445,000.

While house prices in Plaistow South can start from a relatively affordable £304,500, buying close to Tollgate Primary School and Kaizen Primary School is likely to cost between £346,000 and £417,500.

Forest Gate and Manor Park

Buying in Forest Gate means being within travelling distance of three Outstanding schools: Forest Gate Community School, Kay Rowe Nursery School and Sandringham Primary School.

House prices in Forest Gate North start from an average of £345,000, but can cost as much as £672,500 as you go further east towards Manor Park.

Buying in the area of Forest Gate South - close to all three schools - costs an average of £580,000.

Houses in Manor Park are among the most expensive in Newham, though buying in this area does put you in the catchment area for a host of top schools.

Though buying in Manor Park itself can cost as much as £673,000, the Little Ilford area is more affordable.

It's also within travelling distance of five Outstanding schools: Sheringham Primary School, St Winefride's Roman Catholic Primary School, Little Ilford School, Kensington Primary School and Essex Primary School.

House prices in Little Ilford range from £280,250 - on the border of Redbridge - to £440,000 in the area beside Sheringham Primary School.

Where else can you live in Newham?

There are also Outstanding-rated schools in and around the Upton and Canning Town areas.

St Angela's Ursuline School, Elmhurst Primary School and St Bonaventure's RC School are within the former, where house prices range between an average price of £365,000 and £450,000.

South of the borough, you can buy close to St Helen's Catholic Primary School in Canning Town North from £345,000 upwards, with house prices close to Hallsville Primary School in Canning Town South starting from an average of £325,000.

Tower Hamlets

Shoreditch and Bethnal Green

There are seven Outstanding schools dotted in around these areas, where properties range vastly in price - even within the same neighbourhood.

Buying in Weavers is your best best if you want to live near Virginia Primary School, Columbia Market Nursery School or the Mulberry Academy Shoreditch.

House prices in this area range from £496,525 to £967,500.

Four schools are within commuting distance of Bethnal Green: Mowlem Primary School, Globe Primary School, Morpeth School and Rachel Keeling Nursery School.

To buy in Bethnal Green, it'll set you back somewhere between £348,750 and £595,000.

However, properties in the area beside Globe Primary cost an average of £915,000.

Living further north in St Peter's is also an option; house prices there range from £390,000 to £532,500.

Whitechapel, Shadwell and Stepney

Whitechapel - alongside Spitalfields and Banglatown - are the best areas to buy if you want to live near Swanlea School and Thomas Buxton Primary School.

Houses in the former range between £290,500 and £625,000, while those in the latter vary between £468,793 and £677,500 (as you go toward Spitalfields).

Living in Whitechapel means you will also be close to St Paul's Whitechapel CofE Primary School and three schools in the Shadwell area: Mulberry School for Girls, Bigland Green Primary School and Blue Gate Fields Junior School.

Living in Shadwell itself will cost between £375,000 and £552,500 - depending on where you are.

Head further south toward Wapping and the prices really soar, with properties along the docks costing as much as £713,000.

Living in the Stepney area - close to Stepney All Saints CofE Secondary School and Old Church Nursery School - can cost anywhere from £380,000 to £570,000.

Where else can you live in Tower Hamlets?

There are Outstanding-rated schools scattered throughout the borough, including in Bow, Limehouse and Poplar.

Living in Bow means being close to four schools: St Agnes Roman Catholic Primary School, Children's House Nursery School, Old Palace Primary School and Ian Mikardo School.

Bow East is more affordable than Bow West; prices in the former start from £375,000, whereas those in the latter begin at £468,000.

Old Ford Primary is also in the Bow East area.

It can cost as much as £932,500 to live in the heart of Mile End.

Cyril Jackson Primary School, the Special Stephen Hawking School and the Sir William Burrough Primary School are all in the Limehouse area, where houses range from £404,000 and £780,000 (in St Dunstan's).

There are also two Outstanding-rated schools in the Poplar area: Mayflower Primary School and Bygrove Primary School.

Being close to either will mean buying in Poplar, Lansbury or Mile End, which has the most expensive average starting price of the three areas.