A Level results 2021: Bow students head for universities all over UK

Off to Uni from Bow School... Jame Huynh (left) and Ishmam Ahmed

Off to Uni from Bow School... Jame Huynh (left) and Ishmam Ahmed - Credit: Bow Secondary

One in three pupils got all A* to A grades at Bow School, which has its best-ever A Level and Btec results “in the face of unprecedented challenges”. 

They learned much by remote online from home during lockdown. 

“They will be found in top universities around the UK,” headteacher Danny Lye said today. “We’ve seen some inspiring stories, going on to places like King’s College London, Manchester and Edinburgh.” 

Several move onto King’s College, ranked one of the top 10 in the world.  

Among them is Jame Huynh, who got four A*s. He put it down to smaller classes. 

“You get more focus as an individual than when you’re younger,” Jame said. “Teachers are always available to help when you need it.”  

Joining Jame at King’s College is Ishmam Ahmed, who got two A*s and an A.

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He said: “Teachers regularly checked to make sure we were coping.”   

Also going to Uni from Bow... Aysu Akil and Elmer Djassi

Also going to Uni from Bow... Aysu Akil and Elmer Djassi - Credit: Bow Secondary

Aysu Akil is off to study business management at Greenwich University with three D*s in BTec, equivalent to three A*s at A-Level.  

She recalled: “Teachers were always accessible despite not being in the classroom, so our education didn’t suffer while learning remotely.”  

Former Head Boy Elmer Djassi, who joined Bow from Manorfield Primary, got an A* and two As and now takes a gap year before pursuing a medical career. 

He said: “The pastoral care at Bow is superb where teachers know what students need to be successful.” 

This year’s ratings adds to Bow Secondary’s 2020 success when students went off to Cambridge for the first time.