A*s glitter for George Green’s Secondary on the Isle of Dogs

Pupils reached for the stars at George Green’s Secondary with almost eight-out-of-10 getting five or more GCSEs in grades A to C.

It was one of the best years ever at the Isle of Dogs campus, with many getting 12 GCSEs each including a galaxy of A* grades.

Together the 200 pupils sitting GCSEs got a 79 per cent pass rate in five subjects A to C, often working through their mid-day breaks in the school’s lunch club or in the study hall after school. Some even attended the Saturday morning ‘booster’ classes.

Star pupil was 16-year-old Ruth Bloxam from Whitechapel, who scooped 12 A*s.

The daughter of a teaching assistant can’t wait to get started on her A-levels and go onto university and become a doctor.

“She’s an amaizing student,” said Head teacher Kenny Frederick. “Ruth works so hard and has been outstanding all the way—yet she’s a good all-rounder involved in school life.”

The school was still finalising the A* grades at the weekend, but is hoping for better English and maths results, currently subject to appeal in a few cases.

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Deputy head Charles Claxton said: “We’re really, really, pleased with our pass rate—13 per cent better than last year and 52 per cent up on two years ago. The kids have reached for the stars.”

The ‘star’ dust glittered for several pupils, like Mohammed Abbid with five A*s including chemistry and maths, five As and a B.

“I only expected to get three As at most,” he said. “All that hard work was worth it.” He wants to go into aeronautic engineering.

Lota Bantic opened her envelope to find four A*s, eight As and a B. She wants to be a charity worker.

Zarrin Jaffri was over the moon with her five A*s including English and physics, five As, two Bs and a C. She wants to go into medicine.

Nuara Ahmed got an A*, eight As and three Bs and also wants to go into medicine.

Head maths teacher Yinka Oladejo could hardly contain her excitement as her pupils came up to her one after another with their ‘stars.’

“They don’t need pushing,” she said. “The kids who want to do well, do well. I’ve counted 10 A*s in maths so far!”

Not all pupils managed As—but were still pleased with their GCSEs, like Jade Baker-Merry with her four Bs and two Cs who wants to be a wedding planner.

Classmates and best pals Georgie Bradshaw and Jenny Gourley hugged each other opening their envelopes. Georgie got eight Bs and three Cs, while Jenny had four Bs and three Cs.

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