Last ditch bid to save Raine’s Foundation School

Raine's Foundation School. Picture: Mike Brooke

Raine's Foundation School. Picture: Mike Brooke - Credit: Mike Brooke

An emergency meeting where campaigners will try to overturn a decision to close down the East End’s oldest school will be held tomorrow.

Proposals to shut Raine's Foundation School from August this year were given final sign off at a cabinet meeting last month.

But the decision has now been "called in" by the council's Overview and Scrutiny committee and an emergency meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18.

Two co-opted members of the committee - Phillip Rice and Ahmed Hussain - are expected to ask the council to reconsider its decision to close down the school for good.

"The mayor and executive have failed to properly consider all of the issues and have not provided full support to the school and its attempts to resolve its issues," they said in documents submitted to Tower Hamlets council.

'This school has been a key feature of local education provision for hundreds of years and still provides a vital Church of England based education at an excellent location/building for a school."

Raine's Foundation School was set up in 1719.

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But it has faced falling students numbers in recent years, which the council says makes its future unviable. The money schools receive from central government is based on student numbers and Raine's had 558 pupils on its register out of 911 places when the council first proposed the closure.

Mr Rice and Mr Hussain are asking the committee explore the possibility of keeping Raine's school open until August 2021, with a full Year 7 admission "to allow for the Trustees to explore all options to keep the school open".

They added: "Overview and Scrutiny should undertake a review of how the council supports schools in similar situations and how the process that can lead to closure is managed."