Brainy bunch put Woolmore School top of ‘Number Partner’ challenge

'Brainy Bunch' team-mates Humairah Yasmin and Ruksar Aziz from Poplar's Woolmore Primary [photo: Ton

'Brainy Bunch' team-mates Humairah Yasmin and Ruksar Aziz from Poplar's Woolmore Primary [photo: Tony Hussey] - Credit: TH Education Business Partnership

The ‘Brainy Bunch’ lived up to their name to scoop this year’s primary schools ‘Number Partner Challenge’.

Nine teams competed in the finals out of the 60 teams from 12 Tower Hamlets schools in London’s East End.

The self-named Brainy Bunch from Poplar’s Woolmore Primary added up the top score in the hour-long challenge live at the grand final of the 2015 Number Partner contest held at Commerzbank’s UK in the City.

“I never thought I could do this!” young Humairah Yasmin from Woolmore’s winning team said. “But the challenge helped me enjoy maths.”

Her team-mate Ruksar Aziz said: “Our ‘Number Partner’ Diane helped me believe we could achieve this.”

First prize was a trip to the Science Museum in South Kensington.

Runners up from Whitechapel’s English Martyrs School and Bethnal Green’s Globe Primary received board games and maths equipment.

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Qamruzz Aman from Globe said: “Work we did on trigonometry helped me in class.”

The ‘Number Partner’ programme run by Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership pairs groups of children with a business volunteer, to improve numeracy and give them a role model.

There are 450 volunteers, or ‘Number’ partners, in 32 Tower Hamlets primary schools. Each team has an adult volunteer from the world of business and up to four children completing maths-related challenges in their regular weekly lunchtime sessions.

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