Devon Malcolm unfolds his new cricket net on Isle of Dogs for Cubitt Town pupils

Pupils at Cubitt Town Primary get ready for practice with Devan Malcolm's new cricket net

Pupils at Cubitt Town Primary get ready for practice with Devan Malcolm's new cricket net - Credit: Canary Wharf Grp

Legendary fast bowler Devon Malcolm bowled ’em over when he turned up at a primary school in London’s East End.

Record-breaking Malcolm was mobbed by the pupils at Cubitt Town primary on the Isle of Dogs when he arrived to open its new “concertina cricket net” system.

The compact fold-away net, which he designed himself, means cricket can be played in schools which don’t have much outdoor space.

“This system is perfect for cricket where space is restricted,” Malcolm explained. “The 2ft netting can extend to 30ft, making it possible to play without needing a huge space.”

It was also aimed at inspiring a new generation of cricket hopefuls.

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Malcolm added: “The system will be a success if we can ignite passions for the sport from an early age and let them play where before wasn’t possible.”

He joined head-teacher Robyn Bruce and cricketer Alex Tudor for some coaching sessions with the children.

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PE Teacher Allan Dick said: “Equipment like this gives our kids opportunities to play more high quality sport and take part in after-school clubs. We want to focus on a few key sports to compete in.”

The youngsters were eager to meet a cricketing hero and get his autograph.

The net Malcolm designed can stretch to 30ft and folds down to 2ft from its fixed position, giving pupils a decent game of cricket in the cramped space of Cubitt Town School’s playground in Manchester Road. Installing it was paid for by the neighbouring Canary Wharf Group as part of its school and sport sponsorship programme.

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