East End kids get their top choices for school places

Learning computers... children at Rochelle Primary

Learning computers... children at Rochelle Primary - Credit: Rochelle Primary

Nearly all children starting Reception class or secondary school in September have a place at one of their first three preferred schools in London’s East End—well above the regional and national average.

At play... children at Christ Church Primary

At play... children at Christ Church Primary - Credit: Christ Church Primary

The 96 per cent achievement for Reception Class puts Tower Hamlets in the top five London boroughs for primary admissions.

Figures also show 87pc got their first choice, two per cent above last year’s figures, with 3,500 children starting in a primary school next term.

Secondary school admissions have also beaten the London average, with 93pc of pupils getting a place in one of their first three choices.

Pupils at Bow Secondary

Pupils at Bow Secondary - Credit: TH Council

“These show our improvement every year,” Tower Hamlets council’s Pupil Services chief Terry Bryan said.

“We have built a culture of success to provide parent choice at a standard well above the London average, in spite of ongoing pressure on school places.”

East London faces unprecedented demands to find enough places, with the population rising fast due to huge housing redevelopment throughout Docklands.

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The Isle of Dogs is one of London’s worst population pressure points, adding to demand for expanding education services.

Children who were not offered their choice have been allocated to schools with places remaining, the Town Hall confirmed today.

Those whose parents applied after the application closing date are being allocated places early next month.