East End school’s big green statement

Year seven pupils at an Isle of Dogs school made a big impression on Friday with a sign large enough to be seen from space. George Green’s School lived up its name by creating a giant piece of art that read “George Green’s Go Green”.

The students’ work was part of a city-wide eco project called Signs of Change, inspired by next year’s Olympics. Signs of Change has been organised by outdoor events company Emergency Exit Arts and young people’s creative arts network A New Direction, which is funded by the Arts Council.

Ten schools across London committed to making a change that would benefit their local and global environment. They then produced huge signs to share their eco messages with the rest of the world, and the results were filmed by Google Earth’s satellite technology.

A New Direction’s Steve Moffitt said: “The Olympics provide us all with a unique opportunity to showcase, document and explore who we are and where we come from, and A New Direction is excited to be connecting schools from across the capital to this once-in-a-lifetime experience.”