East London group offers top tips for career success

ELBA has a series of tips to help job hunters succeed

ELBA has a series of tips to help job hunters succeed - Credit: Archant

East London Business Alliance is offering tips to help job seekers succeed:

- Look for hidden vacancies as employers don’t advertise all their positions and will try to fill roles through their contacts and network.

- Making a prospective application is a good way of getting yourself into an employer’s network and on to their radar. Don’t forget to use your network – past employers, colleagues, friends, family and other contacts.

- Post your CV online so that recruiting employers can find you, meaning you could attract their attention even when you’re not actively targeting them.

- Have a strategy of the kind of firm you want to work for and start building a network of people who can help. Make time to go to industry events and keep connected to your contacts with LinkedIn.

- Although rejection while job hunting can begin to affect your confidence and motivation, it is vital to stay positive and remember that you develop and learn with every application and interview.

- Keep your up-to-date CV to hand and make sure that your voicemail is professional. Have an “elevator pitch” prepared and know your chosen industry inside out.

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Job searching can be a numbers game, but don’t let the quality of your applications suffer at the hand of quantity.

For more information visit elba-1.org.uk.