George Green’s student takes on Newsnight’s Paxman over GCSEs

A disgruntled GCSE student from the Isle of Dogs went head-to-head with Jeremy Paxman on BBC Newsnight last week.

George Green’s student Jack Coote received a D grade in his GCSE English exam. He was invited to appear on the programme, and argued that him and 18 of his classmates were treated unfairly after receiving D grades instead of the C grades they had expected.

GCSE English results sparked controversy when they were published last month as changes to grade boundaries left thousands of students up and down the country in the same position as Jack.

Asked if he considered the changes unfair, Jack told Mr Paxman: “Definitely. I am now set back for a year. I’ve got to go back to college just to retake my English so I can do my apprenticeship.

“The teachers were right until the very last minute when the exam board changed the results.”

Headteacher Kenny Frederick also appeared on the programme recently, and praised the 16-year-old following his appearance.

She said: “Jack has shown immense courage to stand up for himself and his fellow students on national television and to do it in such an articulate manner.”